Wednesday, 5 August 2015

2 Great Programming Apps for Kids

I started on Pong and Breakout and remember the feeling of accomplishment when the code all came together to make a game. Instead of just being a consumer I was suddenly a creator...

With 21st century learning well entrenched in our schools and a dedicated and focused digital technologies curriculum in place it's a good time to get your kids looking at code. Code is everywhere and a part of so many things we do in life now. It sits in the background running the apps, programs, software, televisions, light systems, garage doors, car alarms, atm's and so much, much more.
Computers, the internet, iPads and all the devices we have come to know are now settling into their place in society and are now the norm. The world now and ahead is needing more IT capable people and programming is at the forefront of it all. 

Scratch Jr Activities Guide
DevTech Research Group

Hopscotch: Hour of Code Screencast
By Ashley Gavin

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