Saturday, 12 October 2013

Find Sums

So Simple But So Effective and Useful

Some apps try to cover everything, some try to cover many things. Find Sums has 1 simple mathematical objective. Quite simply Find Sums gets the students to work on their simple number grouping knowledge in a quick and fun way. It can be used in a group, in stations or as a great app at home for the individual. I have used Find Sums within the ages of 3 and 11 but it is fun enough to be used by teenagers as mental revision. 

Find Sums may be an app you haven't come across because it is only in the phone apps area of the App store but install it, 2x it and have a ball.

Find Sums is $Free

 The grouping choices offered to the user as you can see fractions can be used.

 The game screen where the user attempts to match the number groups to meet totals

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