Monday, 16 September 2013

Multiflow: Times Tables Reimagined

I can't stop using this in class.

Multiflow is a simple app that gives kids 10 seconds to answer multiplication problems one at a time. It moves quickly to problems outside the traditional 12 x 12 range. The reason it is so great and worthy of a mention is the way it has evoked discussion about how problems can be solved via different methods.

For instance a discussion we had in class around multiplying anything by 5
This was brilliant with every student involved because of the interest already being developed through the want for success within the game.
We bombed out of our game due to another problem and then 16 x 5 and 19 x 5. A student who had got one correct that was similar explained how they knew how to do it and used their times table knowledge.
They said 16 x 5 .....12 x5 + 4 x 5.....the class agreed it was a very plausible idea, easy to do but not necessarily fast.
We wrote several examples on the board and looked for anything obvious...
Then another student says
Halve the first number and add a zero......WOW!
As a class we then decided on halving the last even number and adding a 5 for odd numbers ie 19 x 5 = 9 add a 5 = 95

If an app can provoke discussions as good as this one and more it has to be worth a go.


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